Reflection Time

I am fortunate that I have a manager at work that believes in the Presentation Zen style, so I have put several together in the past year.  By far, my favorite part is trolling Flickr for just the right imagery to convey the story and the emotion to support the content of my argument.  Coming up with language to support my ideas or move the story along without being verbose is far more challenging.

The presentations I gave in class went quite well.  My delivery improved between the first and second presentations, which goes to show that practice can only prepare you to a certain point.  Actually presenting to an audience is the only way to get better.  I had my whole presentation worked out in my head, but once it began I didn’t trust myself and ended referring to my outline more than I had intended.  Good thing I had it!

I think the content of my presentation went over well with my classmates and they understood the basis of my argument.  Judging by the comments on my blog post, they appeared to agree with me that the author came off a bit alarmist.

I thank everyone for listening and for such great participation during the presentation and for the kind remarks that they posted on my blog.

I’m looking forward to presenting my term project to the entire class!

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