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My COM 546 Term Project

You can find my final term project for the UW MCDM COM 546 (Evolutions and Trends in Digital Media) here.  Enjoy!

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Video Games: An Evolution of the Narrative Form

My final presentation for COM 546 in the University of Washington’s MCDM program, Spring 2011

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Cutting the Cord

Chapter 10 of Clayton Christensen’s Seeing What’s Next addresses disruptive and sustaining technologies in the telecommunications industry.  Growing focus on mobile and IP solutions have forced the incumbent landline companies to address new business models and ward off upstarts threatening … Continue reading

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Reflection Time

I am fortunate that I have a manager at work that believes in the Presentation Zen style, so I have put several together in the past year.  By far, my favorite part is trolling Flickr for just the right imagery … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Narrative in Video Games – A Theoretical Framework

My term project looks at the evolution of video games and how they have succeeded in expanding beyond their primary demographic of hard-core gamers at the expense of traditional media.  The three most important developments in this space have been … Continue reading

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The Ego Has Landed

In her The New Atlantis journal article, “The Age of Egocasting,” Christine Rosen criticizes the culture of personalization, where we focus only on our own interests and where we shelter ourselves from unwanted media.  Addressing shifting trends in television and music, … Continue reading

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For a Good Read, Click on! (Shh, It’s an Annotated Bibliography)

Interested in how my research is going so far?  Me too!

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Twitter Me This

While reading Everett Rogers’ chapter on the Innovation-Decision Process from Diffusion of Innovations, I wanted to see if his model of technology adoption worked against my own experiences. Specifically, I applied his concepts to my initial use of Twitter. I … Continue reading

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Video Games and Movies are Getting Engaged!

I originally thought that I wanted to target the evolution of video game consoles for my term project.  But upon deeper consideration, I realized that the topic didn’t inspire me as much as how people interact with the content on … Continue reading

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Are Gaming Consoles Getting Too Bloated?

In the opening chapter of Seeing What’s Next, Clayton Christensen identifies potential consumer groups that he considers crucial to the success of disruptive innovations in technology. [1]  I am particularly interested in how this applies to video game industry.  Like … Continue reading

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