COM 546 Preliminary Term Project Ideas

Sitting down to think about my COM 546 term project, I’m torn.  My passion and background is in film, so I would definitely enjoy a deeper examination of historical distribution models and speculate as to where the industry is headed.  It’s an interesting time to study this subject in light of Directv’s recent announcement that it will begin offering movies from several Hollywood studios on VOD a mere 60 days after their release (at $30 a movie, which is a reasonable price for families).  Just a few years ago the now-standard four month window for DVD on most movies was seen by many in Hollywood as cheapening the allure of movies, thus shooting themselves in the foot.

Alternately, I am excited at the opportunity to learn about something new.  I would like to explore the evolution of video game consoles and the current push by Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony to turn them into one-stop-shop devices for all of the consumer’s entertainment and informational needs.  Further, there are disrupters in the mist such as OnLive that are trying to remove the console from people’s homes all together by streaming AAA titles to their own inexpensive proprietary device capable of playing titles from all three.  Their presence has likely played as much of a role in the development of technologies like the Wii’s motion controller or Xbox’s Kinect, and PlayStation’s Move as competition among each other.

I realize that there could be elements of the first idea in the second.  I would have to be careful to narrow my focus enough to not get in over my head.  I’m anxious to read everyone else’s ideas and get some good push back on what I’m considering.

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