My Preliminary Learning Goals for COM 546

As people get older, they face the very likely possibility of being left technologically behind. The world is advancing at an ever accelerating rate and the life span of any given technology is shrinking.  Gaps in comprehension and adoption of new technologies no longer just span generations, many now create divisions in people only a few years apart. As professionals in digital media, studying historic trends and the reasons behind others’ successes and failures will provide valuable insight into where we might be headed.  I am thrilled at the idea of spending time in the  past (both distant and recent) to help us come up with theories on our future.

Additionally, I was happy to hear that presentation skills are a core competency of the course.  Before my recent career change into the production of digital entertainment, I spent years pitching stories for potential movies.  It was my least favorite part of screen-writing in Los Angeles.  In my current position as a producer at Xbox, I will increasingly be required to give PowerPoint presentations and orchestrate multimedia demonstrations. My skills are improving, but I’m eager to really develop my ability to successfully pitch ideas and engage audiences through emotional narratives to build useful and entertaining experiences for our users.

I look forward to a great quarter!


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